Corporate Governance

With a merger and acquisition wave in full swing in the 1980s, I began to shift my focus from cognition to governance. I became interested in what might be called managerial misbehavior. My work on corporate governance was broadly defined by a quest to understand if managers’ self-dealing was responsible for problematic firm performance.

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Managerial and Organizational Cognition

My work on managerial and organizational cognition was broadly motivated by a desire to understand how managerial mistakes, mistakes born of cognitive limitations, might undermine organizational performance.

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The State of Our Profession

This should be the Golden Age both for management scholarship and for business schools. Nevertheless, our world is troubled. Not seeing the audit culture that surrounds us for what it is (a reflection of society’s deep interest in our work), we mistakenly reproduce that culture inside our universities. Instead of doing our research and teaching in a way that prepares students to honorably lead organizations that serve society, we worry excessively about the rating and ranking of our research output and our schools.

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Academy of Management Annals

Realizing that there were few research reviews in our world, Art Brief and I worked to create the Academy of Management Annals. We wanted to provide a home for accomplished scholars to first compile and then take stock of a body of work in their research areas. Wanting more than just annotated bibliographies, we asked our colleagues to write “a review with an attitude.” Here are the papers we published between 2007 and 2011. (PDF)

All of these papers — and the ones that followed in subsequent years — are free to Academy of Management members. Download any paper by logging on to the AOM website and finding your way to the Annals’ webpage:


Corporation in Society

My research on both managerial cognition and corporate governance is premised on the idea that society is well-served by prosperous firms. Directly questioning that assumption, this work examines whether and how firms benefit society.

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