I've taught in BBA, MBA, Global MBA, Executive MBA, PhD, and both open enrollment and custom executive education programs over the years. My teaching passions these days center on our BBA and MBA students. I developed a course entitled “The Corporation in Society” for our undergraduate students while continuing to embrace our MBA action-based learning curriculum.

The Corporation in Society

Fueled by advances in information and transportation technology, the globalization of factor and product markets brings worldwide differences in wealth, health, and well-being into sharp relief. It certainly brings these issues to the attention of business leaders. Human problems might be exploited as a source of competitive advantage (the race to the bottom hypothesis) or they may be seen as a novel challenge (obtaining a license to operate when a firm places its operations in locales with, for example, a rudimentary education and health care infrastructure) or they may serve as stimuli for entirely new business models (consider contemporary notions of social entrepreneurship and sustainability). A broad understanding of the role that corporations play in societyand the expanded role that they are increasingly being asked to play is indispensable for any business, government, or not-for-profit leader. This course considers these issues and helps students begin to develop the understandings and quality of mind that will serve them well in the years ahead.

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Action-based Learning

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business has sent over 1,600 teams of MBA students to well over 100 countries to work on very significant projects in the world of business and civil society. I have been deeply involved in our signature Multi-disciplinary Action Projects (MAP) program since 1992. http://www.bus.umich.edu/MAP/Dev/WhatisMAP.htm

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